Do you want to go fishing at a spot but find it confusing to choose the type of fishing rods and poles? If yes, you have come to the perfect zone. 

Well, the type of rod for fishing truly matters a lot. It also depends on the spot where you want to go fishing. On the other hand, many fishing rods perform the best job at various locations. So, it is truthfully a task to find the perfect fishing rod and pole for fishing

In this article, we have compiled the details of the key differences of different fishing rods and poles that will surely help you choose the right fishing rod.

Types of Fishing Rods Explained

Spin Fishing Rod

The most common and popular fishing rod is the Spin fishing rod. The design of this rod is quite like other casting rods, but it attains some highlights that make it stand out from different types of fishing rods. It is ideal in almost all locations, including lakes, boats, rivers, etc.

  • It is adaptable, having miscellaneous weights and lengths of fishing reels and rods.
  • It is very convenient to adjust
  • There is not such a con of spin fishing rod. But it may not be easy to use for very young children.

Best For:

To Spin in the immediate area

Telescoping Fishing Rods

If you want to buy a short size and access to the port fishing rod, the telescoping fishing rod is the perfect option. This fishing rod is very convenient to port from one place to another due to its shot stick. Furthermore, the short length stick allows you to open it up to your requirements.

  • It is portable
  • Easy to carry along with you going to any place.
  • Adjustable length stick
  • Remarkably universal
  • Sometimes, it does not perform efficiently for castings due to telescoping features.

Best For:

  • Telescoping fishing rods are best for hiking, camping, and tours.
  • Best to keep in a short space

Casting Fishing Rods

If you are a kid or a beginner at fishing, the casting fishing rod is best for your use. It attains the best easy to operate features, even for kids. A push-catch system is intended to allow the users a convenient way to pres and push with the help of a thumb to run its reel.

  • Ideal for beginners and kids
  • Easy to use
  • Enclosed reels allow avoiding twisting
  • Excellent casting speed and authority
  • In the case of twisting, the adjustment of reels might be a little painful.

Best For:

It is convenient to operate for beginners and kids.

Trolling Rods

For moving boats, trolling rods are employed. Trolling is the process of having your attraction move through the water while your ship moves. Trolling rods are often stiffer, with huge reels that accommodate many lines. These rods aren’t designed for anything other than exploring.

  • It works perfectly for trolling
  • It is only used for trolling

Best for:

It is ideal for big lake fishing, ocean fishing, and pond fishing.

Ultra Light Fishing Rods

This kind of fishing rod is designed to be light and thin. It is for delicate presentations and to make small fish species more enjoyable. These rods are especially ideal for long hikes. Spin rods, fly rods, and other rods are all examples of ultralight rods. This category consists solely of rods meant to catch tiny fish.

  • More fun with small fishing
  • Lightweight
  • Best for portable
  • Not best for fishing big fish
  • Not durable because of lighter material
  • It cast a long distance

Best For:

  • Camping
  • Fishing in trout
  • Small fishing in warm water

Fly Fishing Rods

Fly fishing is done with a fly fishing rod. Fly rods are available in different sizes and lengths, allowing you to target almost any fish species. The rod functions as a lever to convey the fly line to the fish on the other end, which is typically sensitive. Fly fishing rods are designed specifically for fly reels, which work differently from a spin or baitcasting rod.

  • Perfect for Steelhead and salmon fishing
  • Wind may disturb the performance of flying fishing rods
  • Very tough to learn the skills to operate it
  • Short length for castings

Best For:

Ideal to use for trout fishing

Surf Fishing Rods

In sea fishing, surf fishing rods are most commonly used (of course). This style of the rod has a strong butt and extra length. The extra length lets the fisherman easily throw a heavy bait rig to the desired location. Surf rods aren’t for everyone, but they’re perfect for casting from the beach, a pier, or other areas along the shore. The rod can be either a casting or a spinning rod.

  • Huge distance of casting fishes
  • Have the excellent ability of catching big fishes
  • It might be heavy and oversized
  • Not best to use at lakes and rivers

Best For

  • Ideal to use for Beach fishing
  • Performs efficiently in shallow sea fishing

Ice Fishing Rods

Ice fishing rods are often very short spin rods. The angler can quickly reel fish from above the ice fishing hole. These rods are primarily used for ice fishing, but they are excellent for this purpose. They may be a lot of fun when fighting a big fish under the ice.

  • Easy to adjust the angle
  • Performs excellent for ice fishing
  • Very short spin rods
  • It only allows ice fishing

Best For

Ideal to use for ice fishing


As in any sport, they have the most excellent available equipment essential in fishing. Rod designers have produced rods to cast specific baits deeper and more accurately, thanks to a vast selection of lure options and approaches. They’ve also tweaked these abilities based on various criteria to offer anglers an edge over a hooked bass. Anglers can throw hooks precisely, work baits appropriately, differentiate more strikes, and arrange tricks to land a fish with the perfect rod for the job. A successful angler would now be able to select the best gear.