When you are looking for an ultralight spinning reel for fishing, you should make sure to choose one that has several great features. The features of a spinning reel include material, design, ball bearings, line retrieval, power, drag capacity, and more. It is important to keep in mind that these features are not always available on the same reel. So you should always try to get the best ultralight spinning reels for your needs.

Our Top 2 Picks:

Best for Smoothness: SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

Best Budget: Abu Garcia Revo SX Fishing Reel

Best Ultralight Spinning Reels for Fishing In 2023

1. SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

SHIMANO Stradic FL Spinning Fishing Reel

Size Variations Available

Shimano’s Stradic FL fishing reel is made of hagane cold forged steel, which is virtually indestructible and produces an incredibly smooth line retrieval action. Its 6.0:1 gear ratio ensures that you can retrieve 31 inches of line with every turn of the handle. This reel is a perfect choice for fishing in saltwater and is ideal for anglers who want to save weight and space.

  • The reel features a two-speed oscillation system that eliminates friction and lays the line more evenly. This allows you to cast longer distances with greater ease. The patented AR-C spool design eliminates tangling and backlash by enabling the line to exit the spool with minimal friction. The spool also has an angled lip to prevent the line from getting tangled and reducing backlash.
  • Shimano has a reputation for making quality spinning reels at an affordable price. Their flagship STRADIC series spinning reel has set the standard for spinning reels for decades. This new FL model features all of the features that have made Shimano’s spinning reels one of the most popular in the world. Shimano’s Silent Drive and MicroModule II gearing ensure smooth, quiet operation and power transfer.

As you can see, the Stradic range of reels can be used for a variety of freshwater and saltwater fishing. If you want a reel that is lightweight but still reliable, the Stradic series is an excellent choice. It also features multiple gear ratios and a high-quality multi-disc drag system.

2. Abu Garcia Revo SX Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Fishing Reel

Abu Garcia Revo SX Fishing Reel

Size Variations Available
  • The Abu Garcia Revo SX Ultralight spinning lure reel features a carbon body and a one-piece aluminum gearbox. This combination makes it lightweight and very rigid while maintaining excellent line management and gear feel. The nine HPCR bearing system helps to provide smooth and accurate casting. The Abu Garcia Revo SX is also ideal for finesse techniques.
  • This spinning reel is ideal for surf fishing and saltwater fishing. It will bring in big bass. This is one of the best spinning reels for bass fishing. It is also excellent for panfish fishing. It is also lightweight and will not add weight to your tackle box. This product is available in three sizes.
  • The Abu Garcia Revo SX Ultralight spinning lure reel is made from high-quality materials. It is lightweight and made of carbon fiber and aluminum. It also features an X-Craftic gearbox. This system has a smooth drag and high-quality gears for consistent, and strong performance.

Benefits of Best Ultralight Spinning Reels

One of the many benefits of best ultralight spinning reels is their weight. These reels are typically made of lightweight alloys that can save you weight without compromising durability or strength. The optimal weight for ultralight reels is approximately five ounces. However, you should always balance the weight of the reel with the line capacity to ensure that it is suitable for your fishing needs.

Ball bearings keep your reel spinning smoothly

Ultralight spinning reels feature ball bearings that keep them spinning smoothly, which can be an important consideration when choosing a fishing reel. Some reels have more than four bearings, while others have only one or two. Either way, ball bearings are important, as they can help make or break the smooth performance of a reel.

Rear drag systems are easier to access

Ultralight spinning reels have two different types of drag systems: front and rear. The front drag system features large drag washers and is more durable, while the rear drag system is easier to access and not as powerful. Rear drag systems are also less effective because the drag mechanism doesn’t directly contact the spool.


Ultralight spinning reels are incredibly popular, with many anglers buying multiples and claiming it’s the best reel for the money. Reviews often focus on the bulletproof quality of the ultralight spinning reel, which is also said to be a reliable workhorse.


One of the most important considerations for choosing an Ultralight spinning reel is the material used for the body of the reel. While many manufacturers opt for metal because it is rigid and strong, carbon fiber is also a good alternative. Carbon fiber bodies are lighter than metal and can withstand the stress of fighting larger fish. Carbon fiber is also corrosion-free.


Ultralight spinning reels are extremely versatile and are the ideal fishing tool for people with light tackle fishing needs. They can be used for catching panfish, bass, and trout, as well as other freshwater species. These reels are lightweight, easy to use, and corrosion-resistant.

Fishing accuracy

Fishing accuracy is an important aspect of using ultralight spinning reels. This type of tackle can be cranked very quickly, enabling you to get up close to the structure where the big fish live. Typically, ultralight spinning reels have a gear ratio of 4.9:1 or greater.

Factors To Take Into Consideration Prior Purchasing Best Ultralight Spinning Reels:

If you’re thinking about buying a best ultralight spinning reels, there are some things you should consider. These include the gear ratio, line capacity, and cost. These factors can determine the reel’s longevity, so it’s important to read product reviews before you make your purchase.

Line capacity

When selecting an ultralight spinning reel, consider how many lines it can hold. A typical ultralight reel can handle about 100 to 125 yards of 4-pound monofilament. The capacity will depend on the specific fishing line used. The lighter the line, the smaller the reel will need to be. Typically, the strongest and largest diameter lines are made of a ten-pound test.

Ultralight spinning reels are often designed with three ball bearings, but higher-end reels may have as many as six. The number of bearings will vary, and the quality will affect the performance of the reel. Manufacturers will indicate the number of ball bearings on their packaging, such as 3+1, or 3+6. Some ultralight spinning reels also feature roller bearings, which are made from cylindrical rolls instead of spherical balls. These are most commonly used in the pinion gear of spinning reels.

Gear ratio

A spinning reel‘s gear ratio will determine the speed of retrieval. It is important for many fishing tasks. A lower gear ratio means the line will be retrieved slowly. A higher gear ratio means the line will be retrieved quickly. Gear ratios can range from 4:1 to 5.4:1.

The gear ratio of ultralight spinning reels is important for a variety of reasons. First, it’s a good indicator of the safety of the reel. A higher gear ratio will ensure faster retrieval of lighter lures. However, higher gear ratios will also mean less power in the reel. Another factor that will determine the speed of line retrieval is the spool size. A larger spool means that the reel can lay down more line and retrieve it faster.


When shopping for an ultralight spinning reel, it’s important to understand the different types of materials used to make them. For example, an ultralight spinning reel made of 100% steel would be very heavy and difficult to handle. However, a reel that incorporates other materials, such as plastic, would be lighter and less likely to break.

Another type of material used for ultralight spinning reels is HAGANE. This material is highly durable and offers a high level of protection against corrosion. Unlike other types of reels, HAGANE makes these reels a superior choice for saltwater and marine fishing. The X-protect spool technology and HAGANE body of the Shimano Stradic make it the best reel in the category. Likewise, if you’re looking for a reel with a superior weight-to-performance ratio, Shimano Sedona FL is a top choice.


There are a few factors to consider when choosing a reel for spinning. Ultralight spinning reels need to meet certain specifications or conditions, but the cost of the reel isn’t the only factor. The weight, quality of construction, and a number of bearings also play an important role.

Ultralight spinning reels are designed with a graphite body to reduce overall weight while maintaining power. They also work well for bass fishing, since they can hold smaller diameter lines. Their maximum drag ranges from 6.5 to 35.2 lbs. Some even feature a self-lubricating system.

Line Class

An ultralight spinning reel is a versatile tool that can be useful for various types of fishing. The lightweight, smooth cranking action, and variable line resistance are just a few of the features that are important for anglers. Moreover, the gear ratio, materials used, and drag are other important factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing an ultralight spinning reel. This type of reel is particularly suited for light tackle fishing.

Best Ultralight spinning reels come in different line capacities and bearing counts. This is important because they can vary in quality. However, the number of bearings does not necessarily indicate its smoothness. In addition, the line capacity can affect the distance of casting and the size of fish caught. Therefore, when choosing an ultralight spinning reel, look for a reel that can hold at least 4 pounds of line.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best spinning reel for crappie?

As on average, you will usually find that the weight of crappies doesn’t go above a pound. For such an instance, you can’t go wrong with the lightweight fishing gear. In fact, the Shimano Stradic FL 1000HGFL is a lightweight and great option for crappies.

What’s the ideal reel size for ultralight fishing?

The ideal small spinning reel size for ultralight fishing usually is size 10 or size 20.

What’s Ultralight fishing?

In simple and straightforward words, ultralight fishing is the kind of fishing that’s usually performed with low-weight gear.

Are the ultralight spinning reels in demand?

Yes, there’s a whole trending and dedicated market for ultralight spinning reels. You have to not worry about the lightweight gear market demand coming to an end anytime soon.