Best Trolling Motor Battery Selection: What Batteries Are Best For Trolling Motors?

Quite possibly the main bits of hardware on your fishing boat is your batteries. Marine batteries can be a cost, yet it is anything but zone fishers should hope to ration. Without quality savaging engine batteries, you can wind up out of force at an awkward time. 

A trolling motor is a priceless piece of gear for fishers utilizing a boat, yet the best savaging engines are just pretty much as great as the batteries used to control them! 

With a decent savaging engine battery, you will utilize the engine for more and can even utilize it to control other onboard electrics. The correct battery will keep going for a long time, so it’s surely worth putting resources into a quality battery to improve your savaging engine and time fishing on the water. 

In any case, picking the best savaging engine battery can be troublesome, as there are not many highlights you need to consider to guarantee you pick an appropriate best trolling motor battery for your savaging engine and the sort of boat you use.

Types Of Batteries

AGM represents Absorbed Glass Mat. What’s the significance here? It implies that these kinds of batteries are built with glass plates and gel-like substances. They are then totally fixed with the corrosive inside the fixed encasement. They are hence upkeep free.

Wet cell batteries are the sorts of batteries that are the standard profound cell batteries. Their cost isn’t over the top contrasted with AGM ones. They are sufficiently steady to bear a few re-energizes and power channels. These are the sorts that you need to surrender and follow upkeep all other times. They should be finished off with refined water sometimes.

The lithium-ion battery is a typical name for batteries since that is the thing that Smartphone batteries are called. The ones for the savaging engines are greater. The batteries are at the highest point of the tops since they are known to be tough.

Points To Consider While Getting The Best Trolling Motor Battery

Amperage hour is the thing that the battery burns-through in an hour as far as amps. Amps resemble ‘fuel’ to batteries. By the number of amps in a battery, you at that point have a thought about what amount of time that specific battery can require with charge. 

Sizes of batteries assume an impressive part in savaging engines. With a little savaging engine, you don’t coordinate with a hefty battery. It will burden it. A major savaging engine will require a greater size, subsequently the greater the battery the more incredible it is. The size and weight are shown in the list, and you can’t miss seeing it. 

The life expectancy of a battery can likewise be influenced by how you handle it. Better taking care of will keep up your battery for a long life expectancy. 

A few batteries can withstand vibration and stun well overall. Everything depends on what the use of your savaging engine is. Be keeping watch for these sorts of batteries. Vibration and stun obstruction is a portion of the highlights that give your battery sturdiness help. 

Introducing a battery on your savaging engine ought to be a thing you can deal with all alone. 

A few batteries are one-work batteries. In any case, there are others that are multipurpose. They are flexible to such an extent that they have different uses separated from running your savaging engine.

Our Top 3 Picks:

Best Resists Shocks Battery: Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor

Best Low Maintenance Battery: Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery

Best Premium: Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries

Best Deep Cycle Battery For Trolling Motor (Best Trolling Motor Battery)

1. Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor

Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor

Power Boat Pontoon Electric Trolling Motor

Colour Options Available

This 12V 55Ah profound cycle battery from Mighty Max is an extraordinary alternative for anybody searching for a moderate battery appropriate for little and medium-sized boats. It’s a flexible battery that will function admirably with engines of fluctuating force, performing best with 30lb-50lb push engines.

Notwithstanding offering significantly more force than more modest 35Ah batteries, it is a shockingly lightweight and minimized model. It just weighs 38.5lbs, which isn’t a lot heavier than more modest batteries and frequently lighter than other 55Ah batteries, featuring its appropriateness for little/medium boats. 

This battery is outstanding amongst others you can get for a 30-35lb savaging engine. While many decide on 35AH batteries for these engines, putting somewhat more in a battery.

  • A reasonable alternative for savaging engines for little to medium size boats
  • SLA/AGM no support and hole/spill-verification plan
  • Moderately minimal and lightweight for a 55 Ah battery at under 39 lbs
  • Long runtimes and ready to endure changing temperatures
  • Absence of helpful screw down-type battery posts (should utilize fasteners, washers, and nuts)

2. Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery

Mighty Max Battery 12V 35AH SLA Battery

Colour Options Available

The Mighty Max is a fantastic entertainer that prides itself on its condition-of-craftsmanship plan which makes it stand apart from the remainder of its sort. It utilizes AGM innovation, and consequently, you don’t have to stress corrosive spillage since it is all around retained and fixed in its glass tangle. It is consequently that it is erosion that gives you independence from a consistent tidy-up.

It likewise charges a five-times-quicker contrast with overwhelmed batteries or non-AGM batteries. Its self-release is low when not being used so you can store it for quite a while and still be prepared to utilize it at whatever point you need it.

  • It is a light battery and can function admirably on light boats like Kayak
  • It can take around 2 hrs in the water on a little savaging engine and still be solid
  • Adaptable in mounting utilizing any point since it has no spillage
  • No support required
  • Adaptable on chargers. It needn’t bother with an extraordinary charger
  • It is little in size and along these lines utilizes little space to mount it
  • It accompanies an entire one year guarantee and with a 30-day discount strategy
  • It requires some investment in re-energizing contrasted with other first class
  • With its 35Ah, it can’t make numerous hours in water and hence not reasonable for exceptional remote oceans capacities
  • It oversees just little savaging engines

Best Marine Battery For Trolling Motors

3. Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries

Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries

Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries

Colour Options Available

Since it is an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery, it has an immersed sulfuric acid inside its encasement of the glass tangle to about 95% of its ability. The plates firmly sandwich the glass tangle by welding and patching. The corrosive at that point is protected from spillage while the battery isn’t influenced at all by vibration. 

Since there is no corrosive spillage, you are then from upkeep. The size and weight are the two additional points of the reel.. It is 10″ x 6 7/8″ x 7 13/16″ tall and weighs 43.5 pounds. With this sort of size and weight, it is easy to mount it and descend it without help from anyone else calling for help.

  • It begins effectively in an incredibly chilly climate with No dread of corrosive spillage. It can, along these lines, be conveyed in any capacity and mounted at any point
  • It is competent to control both the Trolling engine and every one of the electrical devices in the engine
  • It is multipurpose. Both Trolling motors and RVs can utilize it
  • The lightweight of the battery is a benefit to the savaging engine which doesn’t need to bear the additional weight
  • It utilizes almost no ideal opportunity to re-energize completely
  • Indeed, even with hefty force use, the battery can in any case keep going for around 11 hours
  • It accompanies a two-year guarantee
  • It needs to utilize a particular charger however no other

4. VMAX LFP27-12100 Li-Iron 12V 100AH LiFePO4

Concerning execution includes, the LFP27-12100 is worked with an incredible battery, the board framework that forestalls short circuits, and shields the battery from high/low voltage just as an underlying sensor that screens and secures it against unreasonable warmth during charging/releasing. 

This profound cycle lithium battery offers considerably more comfort by being perhaps the lightest battery that cash can purchase, tipping the scales at just 25lbs. Considering comparable estimated AGM and wet cells gauge a few times more than this, you can fundamentally lessen your boat’s weight with this battery. 

This by itself makes it outstanding amongst other savaging engine batteries for more modest boats and kayaks where one needs to intently deal with the weight limit. Its moderately smaller measurements (12″ x 6.7″ x 8.2″) are additionally ideal for applications where space is along with some built-in costs.

  • Incredible, progressed Lithium-Iron battery innovation with a large group of top highlights
  • Quick charging and longer runtimes – get out on the water quicker, go farther and more
  • Super lightweight and minimized – weighs only 25 lbs!
  • Upkeep free and no venting required (dissimilar to lead-corrosive batteries)
  • Can go through more profound cycles and has a more drawn out life expectancy than other savaging engine batteries
  • More prominent forthright expense than different kinds of batteries – its benefits include some significant pitfalls

Best Lightweight Trolling Motors

5. VMAX V35-857 12 Volt 35AH AGM Battery

The VMAXTANKS VMAX battery is a little, yet amazing force to be reckoned with, which is explicitly intended for marine use. As per the producer, it is appropriate for 18-to 35-pound savaging engines. This battery is incredible for those searching for a lightweight battery, as it weighs just 25 pounds.

  • A few clients explicitly revealed that this battery is ideal for controlling a little savaging engine
  • A couple of proprietors detailed that this battery outflanked bigger and heavier wet cell batteries
  • The battery’s little size and low weight evoked a lot of applause from proprietors
  • Most purchasers found that it held a charge well and was not difficult to re-energize when vital
  • Included screws are not treated steel, so they’re probably going to rust
  • Few purchasers announced that the battery quit holding a charge inside a couple of months

6. SPS Brand 12V 35Ah SLA Replacement Battery

The Interstate Batteries DCM0035 is a minimal battery that should function admirably for fueling your savaging engine. Little, lightweight, and simple to convey (on account of the inherent handle), this is a helpful battery, which is an incredible alternative for those with kayaks or little boats

  • Most proprietors raved about this present battery’s little size and weight
  • Most of the boaters announced that it labored for a few hours all at once, and a couple of expressed that it held a charge the entire day
  • A few purchasers revealed that it was as yet practical following quite a long while of utilization
  • Most purchasers felt that this battery was seriously estimated and offered extraordinary benefit
  • A couple of purchasers discovered it somewhat hard to introduce
  • The handle supposedly broke for a few clients during ordinary use


Having gone through the rule distinctly, you have all the data you need on every battery. You have observed the amperage, size, and weight which are three significant highlights to search for in a battery. You currently realize that there are three kinds of batteries; AGM, Lithium-particle, and the wet-cell. You additionally realize that there are multipurpose and single-capacity batteries. Look into every battery cautiously because every one of these focuses, and you will limit your inquiry to the best one. “The most ideal decision is your most ideal decision.” Go for it!