Everyone knows that kayaks and paddles go together like peanut butter and jelly. But I can almost guarantee that everyone occasionally needs assistance paddling their Kayak.

This is when trolling motors are useful:

These electric motors are small, quiet, and effective and have established themselves in the kayaking community. However, it’s high time you upgraded to a motorized ‘yak to keep up with the times.

However, selecting the best Kayak trolling motor requires some skill. This article’s objective is to assist you in making that decision.

The List Of The Best Kayak Trolling Motor In 2024

Watersnake FWDR54-48 Shadow Bow Mount Foot Controlled Motor

Watersnake Kayak Trolling Motor

Watersnake FWDR54-48 Shadow Bow Mount Foot Controlled Motor

Size Variations Available

The FW 54 motor’s structure includes corrosion-resistant components, including a composite motor shaft and a stainless steel prop shaft. That seems like a beautiful start for a saltwater motor, but this motor is only rated for use in freshwater. To boost overall durability, the circuit board is completely waterproof and protected.

This motor has a foot control and a dial for multiple speeds. The foot control comprises several big, simple-to-press buttons rather than a pedal design. This motor’s control scheme targets bass fishermen.

This motor is really easy to install. A breaker and wires with ring connectors for connecting to a battery or terminal block are included. If mounting this motor to a terminal block, use a larger wire and a fuse at the battery connection. The fuse is necessary for this location by Coastguard Code, and due to the high amps on a 12-volt system, we advise against skipping it.

The FW 54 is so easy to install that it even matches the bolt pattern for the most popular manufacturer. This expands the possibilities for using quick-release mounting brackets, which are widely sold.

This engine has a lot of punch for such a small motor, with 54lbs of force. In addition, we believe that this model’s three-blade propeller could be a major asset. Most of the three-blade props we’ve examined outperform two-blade props with an equivalent surface area.


The diverse selection of tiller-steer transom-mount motors offered by this Watersnake electric motor offers saltwater fishermen a wealth of valuable features.


The propeller on the 34lb motor has two blades. Each of the 54lb engines drives a three-blade propeller. You can push the envelope on your next excursion since the propellers feature weedless designs and all stainless steel propeller shafts. The tiller handle throttle is used to manage the 12V power used by each motor, which has five forward and three reverse speeds.


The new thicker, ergonomic tiller handle grip is part of the sleek, compact Venom motor head design. In addition, the updated head now has a digital voltage meter display so you can monitor the health of your battery. Before using the quick multi-tilt positioning bracket, connecting and securing the motor was even simpler, thanks to improved grips on the alloy transom mount.


Each engine may use with various boats, from little tinnies and tenders to specialized estuary and inshore sportfishing boats.

  • Variable Speed – Control speed and direction using the variable speed foot control unit.
  • Motor Thrust – 48-inch shaft and 12 volts of power give an incredible 44-pound thrust.
  • Corrosion Free – corrosion-free and stainless steel composite shafts that flex on impact.
  • The foot pedal is not strong enough.
  • Lost power in the water

Newport Vessels 55-Pound Thrust 8-Speed Electric Motor

Newport Vessels 55 Kayak Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels 55-Pound Thrust 8-Speed Electric Motor

Size Variations Available

For a precise reading of the battery life, the Newport Vessels NV-Series comes with a 5-point LED meter integrated right into its head. To prevent getting stranded in the middle of the lake when the battery runs out, you should carefully organize your boating activities.

Many trolling motors, unlike the Newport Vessels NV-Series, lack a battery meter, necessitating the purchase of an additional power center to determine the battery level. Some trolling motors just include a push-to-test battery life button. Due to its robust corrosion protection, it is designed to last in both freshwater and saltwater environments. You won’t be concerned about taking it sea fishing.

This robust model is constructed with premium stainless steel, aluminum, and sacrificial zinc (learn how it prevents corrosion) to ensure that it functions effectively in fresh and saltwater situations.

Even though the Newport Vessels NV-Series is designed for saltwater use, it is nevertheless advised to rinse your trolling motor with freshwater after using it in saltwater. This will make the motor last longer. The high-strength fiberglass composite shaft on Newport Vessels makes them reliable for even harsh water conditions. Additionally, it fits inflatable boats, kayaks, dinghies, tenders, light aluminum fishing boats, etc., with ease thanks to the 30″ adjustable shaft. The Newport Vessels NV-Series trolling motor enables speed modification with five forward speeds and three reverse speeds in addition to the respectable top speed it can reach.

In this manner, you can control the boat’s speed and ensure that only the necessary amount of precious battery is used. You can easily and gracefully navigate the sea with the Newport Vessels NV-Series.

  • This 12V electric trolling motor’s 55-pound thrust ensures that even the most demanding boaters will be satisfied. In addition, the motor can run all day without becoming too hot or making too much noise to scare the fish away, thanks to the high-quality construction.
  • This motor has a 30-inch shaft, 5-LED battery meter, 6-inch telescoping tiller handle, and 3-blade propeller, all of which are standard features. The Mount’s Elevation, Azimuth, and Direction Can Be Fine-Tuned and Locked Into Position.
  • There are eight speeds total, five forward and three reverse, on this motor. Because of the motor’s trolling design, its maximum speed is about four mph. However, this may vary depending on the boat’s characteristics as well as the water, the wind, and the weight of the people on board. The boat can finally get going thanks to the powerful low-end torque provided by our three-blade propeller.
  • One (1) 12V Lead-Acid Deep Cycle Or Lithium Deep Cycle Battery (Battery Not Included), 50Ah Recommended, Is Necessary for the Nv 55Lb Motor. A 50-amp circuit breaker is included in the motor for safety against sudden drops in battery voltage. Current Limit: 52A Max.
  • Not performed well in saltwater
  • Lack of power in the battery
  • Body plastics are not up to the mark

Newport Vessels NV-Series Saltwater Motor 46lb Thrust

Newport Vessels NV-Series Kayak Trolling Motor

Newport Vessels 55-Pound Thrust 8-Speed Electric Motor

Size Variations Available

This trolling motor is a very smart and high-quality option for trolling motors. It has some incredible features that will alter the way you fish. The motor features an eight-speed range, a three-bladed propeller, and a fiberglass shaft. These make the purchase price wholly justified.

This motor can power kayaks, watercraft, and inflatable transom boats. It is hence regarded as versatile. There are three reverse speeds and five forward speeds total among the eight speeds. They are essential in guiding the boat. This motor’s 46lb thrust ensures that the boat runs smoothly without any issues, such as slow speed or overheating. The motor shaft measures 30 inches. However, it can be somewhat modified. It is constructed from a fiberglass composite. Both freshwater and saltwater can be used with this substance. The shaft has a decent amount of strength. No matter the state of the water, it can be positioned at any depth. You can’t go wrong with this trolling motor if you’re looking for a basic model that can handle all the essential tasks you need for fishing.

The trolling motors from Newport Vessels are all built to last with premium components. Our motors are constructed with corrosion-resistant seawater elements such as stainless steel, a sacrificial zinc anode, a fiberglass composite shaft, and fiberglass reinforced nylon propeller.

The trolling motors from Newport Vessels are constructed with high-quality components that allow them to function well in fresh and saline water. In addition, our products are backed by unrivaled customer service.

It maintains a respectable speed with amazing skill. Additionally, you can control it however you like. Additionally, it can be used in fresh and saltwater, and it has a decently long lifespan.

  • Powerful and efficient, this 12v electric trolling motor can propel a boat with a whopping 46 lb of thrust. Since it is well made, the engine can run all day without becoming too hot or generating too much noise to scare away fish.
  • This motor has a 30″ shaft, a 5 LED battery meter, a 6″ telescoping tiller handle, and a three-blade propeller, among other features. After adjusting the angle, height, and orientation, you may lock the mount into position.
  • In addition to the standard five forward gears and three backward gears, the motor has two additional speeds. The maximum speed of the trolling motor is 3.5 mph. However, this might vary depending on the characteristics of the boat itself, the sea, the wind, and so on. A boat with a three-bladed prop can get moving thanks to the substantial low-end torque it generates.
  • One (1) 12V Lead-Acid Deep Cycle or Lithium Deep Cycle battery (not included) is required for the 46 lb motor. The motor’s built-in 40-amp circuit breaker shields it from dangerous voltage spikes in the battery. Current Limit: 40A Max.
  • It can’t be in salt water for more time
  • Low power for deep water


What Is Trolling Motor Best For A Kayak?

Hopefully, you should have a lot better knowledge of what to look for in the best Kayak trolling motor after reading the buying guide and reviews. In addition, of course, the sort of Kayak you choose and the environment in which you intend to use it are important considerations, but keep in mind:
The trolling motor with the finest performance will be ideal for kayaks. This is because it produces sufficient thrust has adjustable speed settings, and can work in many environments—while being inexpensive.

What should be the ideal motor size of the Kayak’s motor?

The ideal trolling motor for a kayak will have a 12-volt battery, a 24- to the 36-inch shaft, and a 55-pound thrust capacity. That’s my personal opinion, at least. But, of course, depending on your Kayak’s size, mass, and height, the answer will change a little.
Compared to someone who owns a larger 12′ fishing kayak, you can move with less thrust and a shorter shaft if you own a smaller ten ′ kayak.

What should be the right power consumption for a Kayak Motor?

Battery life and motor power are two of the most crucial aspects to pay attention to. Does it utilize your typical marine battery or a deep-cycle battery? Is there a battery indication on it?
Typically, a 12-volt marine battery mount with enough pounds of force may be found.
There are also 24 and 36-volt marine battery options if you want a battery with more power and longer battery life. And with these two, you may effortlessly enjoy up to 5,000 pounds of thrust!

What should be the right material for the best kayak with trolling motor?

Stainless steel is typically used to make trolling motors. It offers exceptional lifespan and durability.
You can count on stainless steel to last you for a very long time and give you a good return on your investment. Additionally, stainless steel helps ward off corrosion, particularly if you intend to use the motor in saltwater.