Crappie fishing could already be an angler’s challenging job. So, we should make this arduous job easier by using the best crappie lures available in the market. Crappie species are the most attractive and aggressive panfish and are well-known due to the reason it is fun to catch them and good to eat. A major headache while fishing is, what crappies want to eat? With their picky nature, they’re notoriously fickle. They stubbornly hit only the lures of specific shapes, colours, and sizes; sometimes they choose only one lure colour, or a lure sporting multiple colours.

To select the best quality crappie lure, you should select one with attractive colour, a versatile and durable lure with an appearance like a life-like prey. The following article will help you to select the best crappie lure with high durability.

How To Choose The Best Crappie Lures?

To narrow down the more suitable crappie lure among thousands of options, the buyer should be looking for its basic qualities. To enjoy fishing adventure and easy and time-saving crappie fishing there are a few qualities that must be found in a crappie lure. 

Are you looking for the best crappie lures? Let us make it easier, there are all factors mentioned below, a fishing lover must need to look into before choosing a crappie lure.

Crappie Jig Colour

Crappie are mainly sight feeders, so; colour preference is extremely subtle for them. These are more sensitive to colour combinations than most other fish therefore a slight colour variation can change the catch rate drastically. You may wonder if those colours appear differently underwater than in the stores. Many of the jigs with strange colours are going to give grey or silver shades underwater. Different colour patterns help to attract the crappie and they can be seen well by fish and they mimic what crappies are already feeding on.

In stained water: – You should use dark or very opaque bright as very bright colored jigs work well in stained waters.

In clear water: – Mostly natural colours give desired results quickly. Whites, greys, browns, and chartreuse can be used in more clear water. Use translucent colours in clear water.

Best Lures Size

The most popular jig-head size is the 1/16 ounce and this is a more suitable size for crappie fishing. From it, the next is either going up to a 1/8 ounce, or down to a 1/24 which also performs well. Most crappie anglers use jig heads within the range of 1/32- to 3/16-ounce.

Natural Lures Scent

Crappie is a species of fish that are primarily sight feeders, but in case of visibility declines, scent enhancements also help cue them to the potential for feeding. Scent options vary from bait fish to crawfish to wax worms. To have a successful day on the water, it is so important to use artificial lures with natural lure aroma because most of the fish species have a well-developed olfactory system too.

Eco Friendly

Using Eco-Friendly crappie Lures is one of the best ways to practise sustainable fishing. Soft and eco-friendly lures that are made in all colours and designs are the best attractive target for crappie fish just as effectively as traditional lures.

Life Like Action

The bass fishing lures having unique 3D paddle tails give off turbulence, and ultra-realistic patterns. Such life-like holographic eyes and solid wire through construction to ultra-sharp BKK back hook protects against hang-ups. Their wheedled nature enables them to fish well through all types of cover.


Fishing enthusiasts also need to research to find a crappie lure with durable material. A long-term product will be more suitable to make fishing more enjoyable for a long time. It will save you money and even prevent you from the headache of finding a new crappie lure.

Our Top 5 Picks:

Best for Design: TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

Best Recommend: TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout

Best Budget: Crappie Baits Plastics Jig Heads Kit Shad Minnow Fishing Lures for Crappie Panfish Bluegil

Best Highly Durable: Facikono Crankbait Set Crappie Lures

Best for Money: Facikono Lures for Bass Jig Head Soft Swimbait

Best Crappie Lures for 2023, Tested and Reviewed

1. TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

TRUSCEND Pre-Rigged Jig Head Soft Fishing Lures

Size Variations Available

It is a freshwater fishing lure, constructed in Japan with high-quality materials. Expertly designed and rigorous testing of light refraction fish patterns makes TRUSCEND “Shad Paddle Tail Bait” more realistic and attractive. The soft plastic fishing lures perfectly emulate erratic baitfish action having a perfect size of 3.5inches and are the best choice to take on multiple hits.

Truscend lures will be your essential paddle tail lure to target a variety of fish like crappie, trout, Walleye, pike snook, salmon, redfish, and many more, whether you want to fish reefs, estuaries, rivers, fresh, or even in saltwater. With a LONG CASTING JIG HEAD and an ideal weight for slow sinking, Truscend fishing bait can achieve a slow, as well as flutter presentation. This soft body swim bait with a precisely engineered shape generates the perfect kicking action for easily casting the fishing jig bait into your ideal fishing area.

  • Widely fishing specie
  • Life-like action
  • Long casting Jig head
  • Light-refracted fish pattern
  • 3D paddle tail
  • Excellent fish response
  • Relatively sturdy – many fish and not a lot of damage
  • Swimming action is spectacular
  • Some buyers don’t like its weedless nature
  • Only packs can be bought, no individual colours.

2. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout

Size Variations Available

This life-like lure is designed with a multi-jointed body having 8 segments. TRUSCEND fishing lure can move flexibly and sink slowly in water. In addition to these life-like swimming actions, it can attract more catches and can provoke predator fish to strike. With its 3D eyes and coating of pearl powder, this swim bait looks very delicate and vivid just like a real fish. This vibe lure is made of high-quality ABS material and can continuously emit sound waves, during swimming. All these behaviours provoke a feeding urge in the fish and induce them to attack. This swim bait is quite suitable for catching bass, yellow perch, walleye, pike, Muskie, roach, trout, snook salmon, etc, both saltwater and freshwater.

Truscend fishing baits offer 12-month quality assurance and lifetime professional customer service. With all the above-mentioned features, it is the perfect fishing bait that easily cheats the target fish, and functions well in all water layers.

  • High Simulation: With 3d Realistic-looking Eyes
  • Continuously Emits the Fish Sound Wave and Bass Vibration
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Targets Widely Fishing Species
  • Very light in weight
  • Float on surface water

3. Crappie Baits Plastics Jig Heads Kit Shad Minnow Fishing Lures for Crappie Panfish Bluegill

Crappie Baits Plastics Jig Heads Kit Shad Minnow Fishing Lures for Crappie Panfish Bluegill

Crappie Baits Plastics Jig Heads Kit Shad Minnow Fishing Lures for Crappie Panfish Bluegill

Size Variations Available

XFISHMAN Crappie Minnow Kit includes 30 2″ young minnow and is available in 6 effective colours. With its 10 oversized eye jig head W/Spinner, it is available in 2 perfect sizes for crappie fishing, including 1/16 oz and 1/32 oz. These soft plastic baits are crappier killers and come in a variety of colour combinations that are deadly and attract crappie, panfish, and more. Mini Minnow is a must-have for any crappie angler as its lure’s fluke-like design perfectly imitates the body of a minnow and its thin tail creates a subtle darting action just like a fleeing baitfish. 

XFISHMAN with its oversized eye jig head and lure’s subtle action, and small profile make it ideal for tricking wary crappie in water. The baits look good and provoke an urge for fun and success with them. Its 3D Big Eye added attraction as a deadly one-two punch for making lethargic fish bite. This bait offers great deals, and the packaging of this crappie bait is also awful.

  • Crappie’s favourite
  • Moves in a lifelike manner
  • Decent for the price
  • Unique design jighead
  • Very cheap in price
  • Very small
  • Too soft
  • Jig head hooks are too light

4. Facikono Crankbait Set Crappie Lures

Facikono Crankbait Set Crappie Lures

Facikono Crankbait Set Crappie Lures

Size Variations Available

These are available with 12PCS big and chubby crankbaits (3.94 inches) in 12 different vivid colours. A Fantastic variety of colours is available to suit different conditions. This Crankbait, with Rattles, is designed as metal balls inside the separated channel of the body. They cause a nice soft enticing thumping in water to attract bass, stripes, crappies, etc.

Big crankbait features including high buoyancy, make it excellent for shallow-water running. Its gill(1.5×0.8in) helps it to reach a deep area and creates a tight wiggling pattern to entice strikes.

This crappie lure is more Sturdy and Durable, as it is made of tough ABS material, and can be used for a long time. Each crank bait comes with 2 sharp treble hooks that allow for quicker penetration and rock-solid hook sets on any bass that bites. This 12Pcs lure set is a great value. Many great patterns and colours are available to choose from. Well-painted jobs and realistic-looking eyes make them more vivid to attract big fishes.

  • 12PCS big and chubby crankbaits (3.94 inches)
  • 12 different vivid colours
  • Crankbait with Rattles
  • Fishing Topwater Lure
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Mostly tend to swim to the right
  • Erratic retrieval
  • Very light

5. Facikono Lures for Bass Jig Head Soft Swimbait

Facikono Lures for Bass Jig Head Soft Swimbait

Facikono Lures for Bass Jig Head Soft Swimbait

Size Variations Available

It is Soft Swim baits that are made of environmentally friendly quality soft plastic. These jighead fishing lures are soft, and light but durable with a fishy smell to attract freshwater/saltwater fishes. Lifelike Culter Bait contains soft lure features including realistic 3D laser fish eyes, plump trout-shaped fish mouths, fish scales, and fins to imitate the real culture fish. Its big Soft and flexible tail strongly swings and creates natural swimming action in the water that can easily attract bass, trout, perch, crappie, pike, walleye, mandarin fish, etc. A lead block jig hook inside the head is present which acts as a triple hook with a squashed double connecting ring (an optional hook hanger at the abdomen; reasonable counterweight designed for long casting, deep sinking, and high catching rate. The package of this product comes with 6 PCS lead jig fishing baits in 6 colours (blue, green, silver, white, red-white, and black-red). Each bass lure is 3.54in long and weighs 0.31oz.

  • Soft Swim baits
  • Lifelike Cutler Bait
  • Big Soft and flexible Tail, best for swimming
  • Best Jig Head Fishing Lure
  • Reasonable price
  • Pretty durable
  • Colours are perfect
  • Low weight
  • Material is hard to somewhat
  • Little small in size


Crappie, fun for more experienced anglers, is a perfect target for a family fishing trip. There are a variety of ways to catch them and this thing makes crappie fishing great. To enjoy the Panfish feast more everyone should know the best Crappie lure and when to use it. The jig head with an oversized hook makes the hooking of crappie easier. The soft bait crappie lures with their 3D eyes and an artful show look amazingly more practical and perform admirable functioning.


What colour does crappie see well?

A combination of black and chartreuse will catch crappie in almost any lake, he found. Chartreuse is the more suitable lure colour for crappie fishing but matching it up with a different contrasting colour gives better results.

What jig head size is best for crappie?

The size of 1/16 ounce crappie jig head is the most popular as well as suitable for fishing. Further from it, the next better size is either going up to a 1/8 ounce, or down to a 1/24. Better jig heads size in sight of crappie anglers is somewhere in the range of 1/32- to 3/16-ounce.

What is crappie’s favorite food?

Crappie loves to feed on small bait fish like minnows, lures, and small bluegills, along with aquatic invertebrates such as insect larvae, crayfish, and freshwater shrimp. To a small extent, crappie also feeds on terrestrial insects as well such as grasshoppers, worms, moths, etc.

Is there an easiest way to catch crappie?

Common techniques to catch crappie with more ease, there are some methods including fishing a minnow beneath a bobber, and casting a small jig tipped with a soft plastic body is mostly used. Casting beetle-spin or small hard plastic lures is also useful for crappie fishing.

How deep should I fish for crappie?

A lot of variables come into play during crappie fishing depending on water variability. The perfect depth for crappie fishing is between 4 to 6 feet. But depending on the light conditions and variation in water temperature, they can also drop to 8 or 12 feet.