What do you know about hobbies?

Hobbies are activities that we perform during our free time. Hobbies add flavour into our happiness and individuality. Types of hobbies may vary according to the personalities of people.  You can choose hobbies at any stage of your life.  There is no age limit for adopting hobbies. You can enjoy your favourite activities as your hobbies. 

Hobbies may be of different types such as fishing, collecting stamps, gardening and art etc. Choice of hobbies totally depends upon the person. No one can force people to choose their hobbies.  People choose fishing as a source of health and happiness.  In the old ages fishing was a source of survival for humans. Because it was a source of food.

When you go fishing you feel calm and fresh. It removes all of your worries.  In this era of science and technology where you can find anything just by clicking on your cell phone, people still need natural activities for peace of mind. 

There Are Following 8 Reasons Why Fishing is used as hobby:

Stress Relief

When people were asked why they have adopted fishing as their hobby? Then, their answer was, fishing relieves stress from their body. It keeps their mind calm and active. They feel stress free. They realise a sense of freedom and serenity. When they visit the river bank for fishing. This activity makes them happy. 

As we know, natural environments are totally different from our ordinary environments. In our lives we face noise and frustrations around our surroundings. Natural environments are full of peace and beauty. When we encounter such types of environments, we feel ourselves free from stress. When we come in contact with nature we become part of it. It is the beauty of nature that attracts us. It shifts our hearts to peace.

Social Bonding

Fishing is a great source of social bonding. You can improve your relations with your friends during fishing activities. In our daily routine we barely have time for our friends. In this modern era, we have become so busy in our lives that we don’t even bother to meet our loved ones. Even if we manage time to meet them then due to environmental noises, we cannot enjoy it properly. On the other hand, fishing places are quite calm. There we have quality time to spend with our family and friends. It makes our social bonding strong.

Health Benefits

Our daily routine has become so toxic for our health. We spend the whole day sitting in the office or in front of digital appliances. It has a severe effect on our health. Due to sedentary life style, people become obese. And, obesity leads to severe disorders. Such as heart disease, bone disease, cardiovascular disease etc. activities like fishing keep us active. It maintains our health. We become more energetic. After performing such activities our ability to perform work increases. Fishing provides lots of health benefits. During fishing our body is constantly in motion. We can say fishing provides a sense of exercise. And, exercise is crucial for better health.


When you go fishing you already made up your mind to catch some fish. But it’s ok if you catch no fish the whole day. It is still better than spending time at your home. Fishing is not concerned with how many you have catched. It is just an activity which keeps you energetic. While catching a fish also gives you a sense of satisfaction. When you wait for hours around the bank of a river to catch a fish. It develops a habit of recreation in you.

Self- fulfilment

During fishing you observe the environment and it provides you pleasure of self-fulfilment. It helps you to learn new and innovative skills. It imparts patience in you. Before going fishing, you set your goals and try to achieve them. if you become successful in achieving your goals then you feel happy and confident. Fishing is an amazing activity in building your confidence.  People should try to be interested in fishing as it has a lot of benefits.

Fishing for food

Nowadays we get food instantly by placing an order. But, such types of food are not from natural sources. They are processed food. When we consume such foods then our body shows a negative response. We become vulnerable to severe diseases.

For getting natural food we have to go to the streams. Fishing is a source of fresh food. Fish is also a strong source of protein. As we know protein is crucial for body metabolism and structures. It decreases cholesterol in the body. Besides this people prefer fresh food rather than processed food. Because, everyone wants to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

The thrill and challenge

People take fishing as a challenge because it is a thrilling activity. Catching a fish is itself a challenge. It is not an easy job. Only adventurous people can do it properly. Because they love challenges. Those who are not trained learn a lot from fishing. With the passage of time, they become masters in fishing.

People accept challenges and face them by putting effort. In this way people learn how to accomplish a tough task. Such qualities make fishing a popular hobby.

Paying tribute to nature

Nature is just amazing and tribute to nature is always inevitable.  Nature provides air, food and land to all the people on earth without any discrimination or favoritism. It is a source of thankfulness. 

We pay tribute to nature. Because, nature provides a lot of precious things to us. It makes our lives worth living.  We can not imagine our lives without nature. Everyone depends upon nature for their survival. So, fishing is a great activity to observe nature and its beauty. During fishing we realise the importance of fishing.

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